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We provide our services to all types of organisations in the construction and infrastructure sectors, from Funder, Employer and Project Manager through to Designer, Contractor, Sub-Contractor and Consultant.

The following case studies give an idea of the type of services we are being asked to provide.

Information Consolidation

Information Consolidation

We are helping several clients to extract and consolidate historic and new information from disparate sources and systems, to provide clarity and support for the following:

  • Project Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Design Management
  • Claims / Dispute Resolution

Example Information Sources:

  • HTML feeds (e.g.
  • Email
  • Huddle
  • Oracle Aconex
  • Office365
  • Teams
  • Sharepoint
  • CEMAR / ASite
  • 4Projects / ProjectWise
Claims Support

Claims Support

We are helping clients in the claims sector to consolidate and make sense of vast amounts of historic documents, in order to support the preparation of claims on major projects.

With our experience and tools we are able to quickly identify key issues which have affected progress and cost. We are further able to substantiate entitlement through reference to key documents (both formal and informal).

By using our tools to do the heavy lifting we are able to achieve a substantial reduction in time and expert cost expended in producing claims, with enhanced clarity and speed of outcome, compared to the traditional way.

Requirements Management

We are helping contractors to prove compliance with contract requirements and industry standards in order to support completion and handover.

With our experience and tools and through adopting a right to left approach, we are able to substantiate and map compliance through reference to key documents, during the course of the project.

By using our tools to do the heavy lifting we are able to achieve a substantial reduction in time and administration cost typically expended in demonstrating compliance, enabling contractors to achieve completion and handover in a timely manner.