Our Purpose

To equip the world to

find value in change*

*because change is the only constant

Want to know more?

We empower organisations with the tools to:

  • consolidate information and data from disparate sources
  • find order and certainty in complexity
  • understand the causes and impacts of change
    …and to choose the best response
  • learn from the past to benefit the future.

Our Proposition

  • Choose in-depth understanding over perception
  • Choose improved transparency and collaboration over disputes
  • Choose long-term sustainability over short-term reaction

We provide consultancy services to the construction and infrastructure sectors, using our own digital tools to improve:

Project Management & Information Management

  • Risk Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Project Controls

Commercial Management

  • Change Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Dispute Resolution

How we do it – our 5 step process


1 Consolidate

We consolidate historic and new information from all relevant sources…

2 Identify

…which we categorise as per your needs, identifying potential changes in real-time to…

3 Analyse

…enable you to quickly establish which changes are important and…

4 Notify & Report

…then help you determine and provide an appropriate response.

5 Verify & Learn

We also enable you to verify compliance, and to learn lessons from the past.